Football Squares


Support PDC with Football Squares!

Who’s ready for some football?  

Football season usually indicates fall is near and cooler weather is within reach!   We’re kicking off our annual PDC Football Pool Fundraiser.  This is the first fundraiser of the 2023-24 dance season & our goal is to sell all 100 squares!   New numbers drawn for every game to increase your chances of winning!!

And the best part??  100% of the proceeds will benefit Phoenix Dance Cooperative.


34 games
68 chances to win (per square)




  1. Sign up to play via this link:  PDC Annual Football Squares  Please fill out all required fields.
  2. Provide your payment either via Venmo to @Jessicayeck or pay by cash or check(payable to Phoenix Dance Cooperative) to the front office during office hours by deadline.
  3. Deadline for payment is September 3rd at 8:00pm. 
  4. Play starts with the first game drawn on Friday, September 8th for games starting on Sunday, September 10th, and will include the game on Monday September 11th
  5. Please pass along the opportunity to play to others! 


  1. Only 100 squares will be sold for the board.
  2. The $50 donation will buy one square for each Sunday night & Monday night Board!!
  3. Boards will be sent out to all participants each week via email for weeks 1-17.
  4. New numbers will be re-drawn each week, before the games and shared via a created shared link.
  5. Winning payments will be made each week.
  6. Two winners per each Monday night and Sunday night game for both the half-time and final game scores.
  7. Provide a working email address and phone number on the sign up form so that we can send you the square numbers each week and ensure timely payment of your winnings!

Rows and columns will be assigned a number between 0 and 9 chosen by random on each Thursday night for the upcoming weekend.  One axis of the grid is assigned to the Home team and the other to the Visitor.  Winners are determined by matching the last digit of the halftime/final scores to the grid.  For example, if the halftime score is visitor 21 / Home 7, the winning square would be the box that has a 1 for Visitor axis and a 7 for the Home axis.  The final score includes any overtime played.  Assigned numbers will be changed at random each week, your square location will not change.